David zoekt een Kamer / Studio / Appartement in Leiden

David zoekt: Een Kamer / Studio / Appartement in Leiden

  • Kamer / Studio / Appartement
  • Min. 13 m2
  • Man
  • 23 Per direct

Hi people!
I'm a first-year master's student at Leiden University (finishing my master's in History), and I think the place looks fantastic!
I receive funding directly from my home country of Denmark (as a flat student grant we all receive), which covers the rent and food, and I have both a guarantor and savings to cover anything else.

I'm neat and orderly, focused on writing my thesis and working when I have time - I love fixing and tidying up little things around the house, "nerding out" about this and that, and keeping healthy with exercise. I've always had an easy time making friends and love talking about anything.

I'm hoping to find a place by the end of the coming semester, but am of course flexible.

If it helps, I've gotten alright at reading Dutch and speak enough German to understand it 70% verbally.

Hope to hear from you,
Best regards,

Algemene informatie: David
  Man, 24 jaar
Type huurder: Student
  4e jaars History (UNIVERSITEIT)