Klara is looking for a Room / Rental Property / Studio / Apartment in Leiden

Klara is looking for: A Room / Rental Property / Studio / Apartment in Leiden

  • Room / Rental Property / Studio / Apartment
  • Min. 10 m2
  • Female
  • 27 Immediately

Hi! I am Klara (22) and I am originally from Hamburg, Germany, but I studied my BSc Integrated Life Sciences in Erlangen (it's in Bavaria). Since this March I am living in Frankfurt for an internship, which I am doing until the end of July. In September I will start my MSc in Biology in Leiden, which I am really excited about! But I would preferebly rent a room from an earlier date on (sometime in August). The past years I lived in different (shared) flats and can definitely say that I am a very clean and responsible person, and it is really important to me, that my housemates are also like that. I would really enjoy a shared flat where we wouldn't be just living next to each other, but more like friends/family. But I am also open for a more calm living situation, of course it always depends on the current living situation.

General information: Klara
  Female, 23 years old