Rajul is looking for a Room / Rental Property / Studio / Apartment in Leiden

Rajul is looking for: A Room / Rental Property / Studio / Apartment in Leiden

  • Room / Rental Property / Studio / Apartment
  • Min. 0 m2
  • Female
  • 18 Immediately

Hi I am Rajul Sharma and I am a 25 year old lawyer. I am moving to The Netherlands next month to pursue Advanced Masters in Public International Law at Leiden University. I am currently house hunting and looking to stay at a room in either Leiden or The Hague.

I just wanted to share some information about myself: I am an introvert, who likes to live in a peaceful and quiet environment. I am a non-smoker and won't be carrying any pets as well.

In my free time here, other than catching up on my studies, I would like to learn a foreign language, join a book club/join a cooking class. I am a history buff so I am quite looking forward to exploring all the breathtaking museums in Leiden and Amsterdam.


General information: Rajul
  Female, 27 years old